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Power LogOn Admin Starter Kit-No Cards & Readers

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Secure Password Management with Power LogOnŒ¬


Imagine employees no longer having to remember, type in, or even know their passwords. Complex passwords are easilyξimplemented; forgotten password resets are eliminated; and government-level multi-factor authentication is quickly deployed.


Power LogOnξis an enterprise password management solution that allows IT to centrally control passwords,ξusing technology or access prox cards.ξ


Power LogOn combines password management and card management with secure smart card technology. It easily integrates into existing network architectures, requires no backend server modification and works with most existing applications.


The Power LogOn Admin Starter Kit includes the following:


  • Power LogOn software
  • 30 demo licenses
  • 1.5 hours of tech and install support
  • Full documentation to test, configure & manage Single Sign-OnŒæ


Network Access Control Made Easy

Theξinstallation and deployment of Power LogOn is an easy three-step process:


Step 1. Purchase the Power LogOn Admin Starter Kit

The starter kit is designed to give you everything you need to fully test our enterprise password management solution. You get all the password management software, two readers, six smartcards, 30 demo licenses, 1.5 hours of tech support, and full documentation.ξ After installation, the includedξcards, readers and licenses allow you to run a limited pilot. During the pilot phase, Access Smart is here to help you fine tune Power LogOn to meet your needs.

With our 90-day satisfaction guarantee, your test is 100% risk free!



With the purchase of the Power LogOn Starter Kit, you get 1.5 hours of free installation and product training. In most cases we can get you fully up and running, and issuing cards, in that time.Œæ But, donäó»t worry. Should your installation take a little longer, we will stay with you.

Plus, we record your online installation and training session for you to reference again later.ξ This recording is only for you and is never available to the public.ξ


Step 3. IMPLEMENT: Customize cards, readers and licenses to your specific needs

After you have tested and piloted Power LogOn, you are ready for deployment. The process fast and easy. With the starter kit, all the heavy lifting has been done. All thatäó»s leftŒæis simply identifying the number of licenses, reader types and card types you need. Because Power LogOn is designed to the ISO and PC/SC standards, there is no proprietary hardware. If you already have some components, just let us know so we can makeŒæsure everything works together.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Power LogonŒ¬:


  • Employees no longer have to remember, type or manage passwords.
  • Employees self-enroll from their own computers.
  • Combine with physical access for single access ID card to manage.
  • Reduces help desk calls to reset passwords by 70% or higher.


  • ŒæFull multi-factor authentication.
  • Secure logon into Microsoft Windows, Azure, Office 365, SQL Server, Windows Server 2000 and above, websites, and other third-party applications.
  • Enterprise password manager with high security features to meet all government privacy compliancy laws.
  • Passwords are centrally managed by IT and not by employees.
  • Encrypted password files stay within the organizationäó»s network, and are not stored in some third-party, big data server that hackers target.

Low cost of Ownership

  • Power LogonŒ¬ can often be added to an organizationäó»s existing employee access control ID badges. No re-issuance or re-calling badges.
  • Works with a number of card technologies like magnetic stripe, 125 kHz Proximity, 13.56 MHz RFID, contact smartcards, CAC, PIV, CIV, biometrics, NFC, and more.
  • Our API code is available for third-party software integration.
  • Licenses are transferable to manage employee turnover.
  • No annual renewal or subscription fees on licenses.


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